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Adoption Garage Sale


Have I mentioned that our friends and family are amazing! Y’all have donated so many great things to our garage sale, and even more special is the outpouring of support and encouragement you have given. So many people are already rooting for this little guy;). It can be an incredibly humbling experience to ask for help. But as a good friend mentioned, “people want to help, and we are happy to play a part in bringing him home!” Thank you, thank you, thank you. Feeling the love today.

This is the Year

20130825-073414.jpg It’s happening, Laken officially starts preschool this week. She is READY! She loves her new school and talks about it all of them time. River, however, does not want to let her go:(. This is a picture of them on the way to Laken’s tour of Children’s House Montessori last week. She is full speed ahead…….and River wants to hold her hand {but can’t quite keep up with her}. These two are peas in a pod, partners in crime, Pistol & Magnum, peanut butter and jelly….so time apart will be a new adventure. After her tour (more on the school later) the kids played together in Pioneer park. Laken really wanted to push Riv on the swings, and he was tickled with the attention from her:).


Walking back to the car, they held hands these two. And admired their shadows. And I just soaked it all in, this new adventure, my little duo is growing up. Oh darlings don’t you ever grow up, just stay this little.


Adoption Journey…..Just the facts

We have learned so much on this adoption journey.  This past winter we began working with an Agency based out of Portland to make our adoption dreams a reality.  We started the paperwork process, the education, and quickly learned that we were relatively green and naive to the realities and complexities of adoption.  Nothing is certain, everything is risky, and their is so much that is unknown in the process.  Yet, somehow I feel a peace in that vulnerable place.  I know that this is right where I am meant to be, and I take comfort in knowing that there is growth and pruning going on within us during this time.    A few months ago, after learning the wait for a referral was going to increase to well over 3.5 years with AGCI (without a concrete explanation as to why), we decided to switch adoption agencies.  This meant that we would have to take a few steps back, in order to move forward.  It was a frustrating  time in our adoption journey.  We had to walk away from all of the funds we had given to our first agency, and amend or redo much of our paperwork.   But we had to embrace this little setback.  Now looking back, it was the best decision for us.  We are almost complete in our paperwork with our new agency.  Our new agency is very small and based out of Michigan.  We take comfort in that we can call our new case worker and speak with her candidly and transparently.  We are waiting on our Favorable Determination Letter from the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Once we receive our FDL, we will begin the estimated 9 month wait for the referral of a little one.  The wait time for a boy is shorter than for girls, and their are more boys waiting for forever families in Ethiopia.  We are currently on the wait list for a boy (ages 0-1) at the time of referral.  So right now we are paper pregnant……….and wishing/waiting……Image

Laken is Three!


Dear sweet and spunky 3 year old Laken,

You are fiercely independent, and confident to your core. You will try anything once, and are so determined. You are kind-hearted, good natured, and frequently ask others if they are happy or sad, and love to help out your little brother. You love to dress up, color, clean, draw, cook, and ride your little red bike. You are oh so hilarious, sassy, musically inclined, and love to dance!

Your giggle lights up the room.

You are an absolute joy, and the spark of our family. We love watching your personality bloom.


A special breakfast, new kicks, a domestic cleaning kit of your very own, and a trip to the splash pad.


your little special party with family


showing “how many” you are



and you loved the day………..especially because one of your favorites was there…..Zack!


you had to wear your “zebra dress”. I will keep it forever.

Happy Birthday Laken Rain, Third Trip Around The Sun!

An Excerpt From A Letter Written Last Winter

Dear Family and Friends,

We have very exciting news…we have decided to adopt our third child!  I have never experienced a “calling” but I am certain that this is mine.  Luckily Chase, is 100% supportive, and has taken on the view that if this is what I am meant to do with my life, then it is a part of his journey too.  Our greatest joy in our marriage, has been raising Laken & River, and we know we have it in us to do it again.  We have always wanted a big, loud, and crazy family, and adoption is how we plan to complete it.

We started looking into adoption about a year ago, knowing that the process is lengthy.  After much research and soul searching we have decided to adopt from Ethiopia.  Why Ethiopia?  Well I won’t go into all of the mushy “calling” stuff of a dream I had, and several light bulb moments in Church where I felt that the sermon was a higher power talking directly to me, but the facts are moving.  There are an estimated 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia.  One in six children will die before their fifth birthday.  720,000 children have been orphaned by AIDS alone.   Half of the children in Ethiopia will never attend school.  Ethiopia’s doctor to child ratio is 1 to 24,000.  Why adopt from Ethiopia when there are children here?  In the U.S. we have foster care and social services to care for the needs of orphans.  In Ethiopia there is nothing.  If you are a fortunate orphaned child in Ethiopia, you might live in an overcrowded orphanage until you “age out” and are turned to the streets.  Why not Ethiopia?

*Special thanks to our family and close friends who received this letter, and raced to help us complete our adoption paperwork with reference letters.  We will be forever grateful for the part you played in bringing us closer to our son.

Two Birds and their Littles


The love story of two birds and their littles.

They call me Momma, friends call me Rainy. Wife of Chase. Momma of three, {Laken, River, and walking the journey to bring home our third little through adoption}. Northern Idahoan, blessed beyond measure, Believer, vintage curator, foodie, and lover of all things beautiful. Humbled by the journey and “Aha” moments of life.