Adoption Journey…..Just the facts

We have learned so much on this adoption journey.  This past winter we began working with an Agency based out of Portland to make our adoption dreams a reality.  We started the paperwork process, the education, and quickly learned that we were relatively green and naive to the realities and complexities of adoption.  Nothing is certain, everything is risky, and their is so much that is unknown in the process.  Yet, somehow I feel a peace in that vulnerable place.  I know that this is right where I am meant to be, and I take comfort in knowing that there is growth and pruning going on within us during this time.    A few months ago, after learning the wait for a referral was going to increase to well over 3.5 years with AGCI (without a concrete explanation as to why), we decided to switch adoption agencies.  This meant that we would have to take a few steps back, in order to move forward.  It was a frustrating  time in our adoption journey.  We had to walk away from all of the funds we had given to our first agency, and amend or redo much of our paperwork.   But we had to embrace this little setback.  Now looking back, it was the best decision for us.  We are almost complete in our paperwork with our new agency.  Our new agency is very small and based out of Michigan.  We take comfort in that we can call our new case worker and speak with her candidly and transparently.  We are waiting on our Favorable Determination Letter from the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Once we receive our FDL, we will begin the estimated 9 month wait for the referral of a little one.  The wait time for a boy is shorter than for girls, and their are more boys waiting for forever families in Ethiopia.  We are currently on the wait list for a boy (ages 0-1) at the time of referral.  So right now we are paper pregnant……….and wishing/waiting……Image

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