Laken is Three!


Dear sweet and spunky 3 year old Laken,

You are fiercely independent, and confident to your core. You will try anything once, and are so determined. You are kind-hearted, good natured, and frequently ask others if they are happy or sad, and love to help out your little brother. You love to dress up, color, clean, draw, cook, and ride your little red bike. You are oh so hilarious, sassy, musically inclined, and love to dance!

Your giggle lights up the room.

You are an absolute joy, and the spark of our family. We love watching your personality bloom.


A special breakfast, new kicks, a domestic cleaning kit of your very own, and a trip to the splash pad.


your little special party with family


showing “how many” you are



and you loved the day………..especially because one of your favorites was there…..Zack!


you had to wear your “zebra dress”. I will keep it forever.

Happy Birthday Laken Rain, Third Trip Around The Sun!

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