This is the Year

20130825-073414.jpg It’s happening, Laken officially starts preschool this week. She is READY! She loves her new school and talks about it all of them time. River, however, does not want to let her go:(. This is a picture of them on the way to Laken’s tour of Children’s House Montessori last week. She is full speed ahead…….and River wants to hold her hand {but can’t quite keep up with her}. These two are peas in a pod, partners in crime, Pistol & Magnum, peanut butter and jelly….so time apart will be a new adventure. After her tour (more on the school later) the kids played together in Pioneer park. Laken really wanted to push Riv on the swings, and he was tickled with the attention from her:).


Walking back to the car, they held hands these two. And admired their shadows. And I just soaked it all in, this new adventure, my little duo is growing up. Oh darlings don’t you ever grow up, just stay this little.


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