Mommy Down

It was time. This thirty year old girl went in for a tonsillectomy this week….my first surgery ever. After seven sore throats this year, and multiple rounds of antibiotics it was necessary. Ugh! Luckily I am a happy anesthesia patient and woke up with, “I’m ready to party!” Which is on video, thank you Chase!

Unfortunately I underestimated the whole thing. Apparently having your tonsils out as an adult is not child’s play with 7-10 days of recovery…..shut up! Ouch, guys its bad! Day 1 and 2 were manageable , but now on day 5, I am embracing the hydrocodone induced crazy dreams whole heartedly! Im sure that this post is full of grammatical errors, etc. Im sure that tomorrow I will regret posting this surgery pick without makeup:).

The very next day after surgery was River’s birthday…..EEK! Thank goodness I picked a good one….Chase! He stepped right up to the plate putting together last minute birthday details, doting on me, and caring for the little ones! Seriously I’ve never found him more attractive;). And I’ve never felt so much love……pretty sure this guy will take care of me when I’m old, or sick!


I’m also pretty sure that I will never go hungry;). My mom has now brought by homemade chicken noodle soup, fresh from the farmers market applesauce, and tonight made dinner for the rest of my family. Lucky girl, right here:). Blessed beyond measure.

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