The Assistant Stork

We had a big day for our adoption yesterday. We received out Favorable Determination Letter in the mail! This is the holy grail of adoption paperwork and means that our dossier is complete! So yesterday we put it all together, and………………..

Mailed our dossier to the Assistant Stork;). We are officially paper ready for our little boy! We have done our part and now we will just wait for his referral. Our agency estimates that in 6-9 months we will get “the” phone call telling us his name, story, and we will see his little face! After half a year of waiting on paperwork this is a great feeling. We know that God has plans for all of us, and our Adoption journey is part of his perfect plan:). So now we can’t help but wonder, pray for, and dream about this little guy. He may be already born, or he may still be squirming in his momma’s tummy. Wherever he is, there are a lot of love wishes and prayers surrounding him from here in Idaho. I can’t help but feel heartache for whatever life circumstances he is experiencing or will that are leading him to becoming an orphan. So while we hope for a referral, we also anguish for what that means in the life of a family somewhere in Ethiopia. May God bless those around him, and hold that little boy close to his heart.

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