The Little Things

It’s the little things that are special these days. Always searching for any connections to a country that is so far away……yet so close to our hearts. It’s a yearning I can not explain. But it’s always present. So grateful for the little connections that make the world seem smaller.

Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee…..and someone special;). Starbucks came out with their Ethiopia blend a few weeks ago. Recently I met Kendra. Kendra lived in Ethiopia for three months on a mission trip, and now lives in Lewiston! She is a doll and just full of beautiful stories that take me along to that time and place. We met at Starbucks on the release day of the Ethiopia coffee to visit;). The coffee is delicious, and it’s lovely to start the day with a connection.

Every time we sneak up to Spokane, we have to stop by the Ethiopian restaurant, Queen of Sheba.

The food, the smells, the charming owner………overcome with emotions every time.

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