Laken’s Work

Tonight we were lucky to have our first born show us her “work” at Children’s House;). She was very excited to show us what she has been doing!

She has learned so much in this magical community. In the Montessori environment children learn through discovery. So little miss is able to learn by choosing the materials she would like to work with. Children’s House is just beautiful, every nook and space has been prepared with care by the teachers. I want to “work” and play there. The materials and activities are beautiful. Laken is fiercely independent and this school just feeds her little need for opportunities to do things herself! So tonight she beamed and took on the role of a tour guide when showing us her school and work. She walked through her classroom and said, “Look, I like this work!” Over and over again she demonstrated or pointed out her favorites. She was also just as quick to point out the work that she did not like… true Laken fashion;)


Miss Laken likes practical life……washing hands and making snacks specifically. She also likes the art area and spends a lot of time here coloring and using scissors to cut paper into pieces. She seemed drawn to the magnifying glass and the globes too. I was surprised that she knew “Merica” by site. She also told her classmates about “Opia” {Ethiopia} and her “baby sister.” {wishful thinking}. When it was time to go, she did not want to leave. So we tried to stay as long as possible and give her this special moment to shine. She decided to “read” us a story in the library before we had to leave. This girl can really narrate an elaborately woven tale by looking at the pictures. So much emotion, inflection & sass!

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