Lakens School Halloween party

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to spend Halloween morning at Children’s House with little friends……..magic was in the air. So many little ones bursting with excitement, and tickled to share what they were going to be that night. Laken was beaming and had to tell everyone, “that’s my mommy!”
First all of the friends made a Halloween snack of spiderwebs and a toothy apple mouth.




Then they waited patiently for all of the friends to finish their creations, before the feast began. After snack, they went back to classrooms for “work”. I think I was a bit distracting for Lakens class, so I only got a peak. Many of the friends know me and kept coming up to remind me of who their Mommy is, and/or “member when I came to your house and ate cookies?” “can you take my pictore?” They are too sweet! After a little work the friends all joined the rest of the community and the head teacher Megan for circle time. The story was enchanting as the friends acted out a Halloween spooky classic. The friends brainstormed about Halloween safety and trick or treating manners.


The day ended with a chance to practice trick or treating by knocking on the elementary classroom door. The little friends entered and where assisted by their older friends. They were able to visit the “pumpkin patch” and hunt for their very own pumpkin that their more mature friends had hidden;). It was so cute!



And before I left this little friend, Ella, tugged on my sweater and asked me to take a picture of her pumpkin;). Of course I did!

Thanks little friends, my tour guide Laken;), and the teachers of Children’s House……it was a special morning!

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