The Best Fun

The best fun is spontaneous and doesn’t make sense at all. Lucky for me I have three awesome buddies who will jump on the crazy train with me……..and randomly travel 4 hours for a birthday party!


We stopped at Spokane to check out the Möbius Children’s Museum.






Checked into a hotel with these two. They love a “montel” stay. They ham it up and tell everyone in the hallways that they slept on a cot and went swimming;). Next week they’ll be ordering room service.

The next day we woke up with the rain, made a pitstop at Target and drove the rest of the way to an unnamed town where my bestie Liz lives with her three babies and husband. Two of her littles were celebrating their birthdays together……..3 and 5, princess & airplanes. Why am I being so vague? My bestie Liz is married to a spy! Just kidding ……but almost..,…he works for homeland security and takes privacy and protection very seriously;). So I’ll share some photos of this special party in an unnamed part of the US with you here…..but never on Facebook;)


It was a fantastic party and fun to peak at the beautiful home and life Lizzie has made with her party of 5! Happy birthday little ones!

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