Trick or Treat

We waited patiently for our neighbors to arrive home and turn their porch lights on……….then it was time for the wild things to get into costume.


It’s true…..this might be the third year that Laken has been a monster, and the second for River! Let me explain;). When Laken was one I bought her the costume that Riv is wearing. The next year it fit River, and I wanted them to be a duo of monsters so I bought her the next size. Then this year they still fit! And we are saving for adoption fees so it was really a blessing that they are just too cute;). These wild things were busy and hard to photograph…… we quickly gave in and let them tromp like monsters through canyon crest;).


They spotted their friend the joker Jace;)

And then we loaded up in the car to stop by Aunt Pat’s, where the wild things were spoiled with candy, plastic horses, and money to feed their piggy banks.

Then we loaded up again and headed to Grandma Ivy and Grandpa Rods house. They get a lot of trick or treaters so the wild things passed out candy and costume watched. We all ate soup too and celebrated Grandma Ivy’s last day of work…..EVER! Then the wild things went home with bellies full of candy and crashed hard. Happy Halloween everybody!

One thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. Carolyn R says:

    omg. So adorable.

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