Time In

Time In. I totally think it is crucial. When my littles are particularly naughty, I’m finding the best relief from a stressful day is time in. Usually it’s just a 5 minute one on one break, reading a book, or a quick hug, etc. But little miss Laken, oh the sass. She is fiercely independent and I definitely have to pick my battles so that I do not crush her little spirit with too many “no’s!” Sometimes the two of us just need a substantial time in, after a long day together;). Last week Chase took River to pick up Thai taste take out, so that Laken could make cookies with me.

We had so much fun! She is just the best little baker…….so careful and precise. She licked her spatula, and said, “mom that’s delicious!” So pleased with her creations.

It was so tempting watching the cookies cool on the sheet, that she ended up trying to touch one and burnt her little hand on the cookie sheet:(. She is oh so tough and never shed a tear….. But we could tell that it really hurt. Then River and Chase showed up with dinner, Laken muscled through her dinner with her hand on ice……….just so she could top it off with a cookie;). Good times Laken!

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