It’s The Happiest Season Of All

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Really truly I am so excited this year. The littles get it and each little detail is magic to them;). We put up a tree really early , because why not! And I slapped a thankful sign on it, so that we don’t skip a special holiday on the race to Christmas. Charlie and Leslie came for a visit this past weekend. Grandma Leslie is a fantastic baker, and she came prepared with her frozen homemade cookie dough.

Chase has an annual poker tournament every year in the garage. So this year Charlie got to play with him. Then on Saturday after dinner, we all bundled up in our warmest gear, and loaded up in the pilot. Swung through Starbucks for Cocoa, and headed down to the lights! The kids were squealing like little piggies the whole way.










The wild things buzzed all over locomotive park…….and we followed. Grandpa Charlie sure looks like Santa Clause, especially in this season ;). On the way home we asked the littles what was there favorite part. Laken: the dancing birds (penguins). River: the castle (igloo) and the twain (train). The rest of the weekend we cuddled up at home, and ate good food:)


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