59th Trip Around The Sun

My Mom (Ivy) celebrated her 59th birthday!

We wanted to try and make her birthday at home special, since she is still recovering from surgery;). If you know my mom you know that she is always happy, and tickled with any little present she is given. She truly appreciates the littlest simple details. Her favorite is plain white cake with vanilla frosting and coconut sprinkles.

Her favorite meal is a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. Rod makes a mean flash fried and then slowly baked chicken (the way that his momma used to make it).

My mom never wears hats, but she does for these two. AND she laughs when the when they sneak a finger full of frosting off of her cake;)


She even lets them open her presents!

Somehow I got a picture of this pair. They always hide from my camera…..so this is truly a gem;)

I’m pretty sure I can guess what she wishes for. Things like paints in every color, scrapbook paper for days, good health for her kitties, a hearty growing season for her garden, a warm cup of tea (with a touch of milk), the feeling that trees get when the wind blows through their branches (yep she says this stuff all the time;), a good book (in large print), Shawshank Redemption on every channel, black licorice, a gift card to a small town cafe, and new adventures (seriously she is always up for crazy shenanigans;).

And I bet she wished for this……her and Rod snuggled up with grandchildren on the couch. Seriously they can do the naughtiest things…….and she just smiles;). Happy Birthday Mom!

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