How We Can ALL Love And Care For Ethiopia

Friends!  Here it is.  We have selected a Non Profit Organization to sponsor in Ethiopia.   We are so excited to share the amazing work that No Ordinary Love does in Ethiopia.


No Ordinary Love Ministries mission is to bless and serve people living in extreme poverty in Ethiopia, and beyond.


Jimmy and Rachel Gross moved to Ethiopia in March of 2011 to form this non profit organization.  In April of 2012, they opened Emmanuel House, a place of refuge and love for at-risk women, children, and families living in their community and/or from different regions of Ethiopia.


No Ordinary Love Ministries “Emmanuel House” is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and serves the community by providing Home Based Services for vulnerable and destitute young women and children who have been abandoned, orphaned, trafficked, and/or somehow displaced from their communities. 

No ordinary Love also provides Community Based Services for Women and Children:

“We provide support services for children living in extreme poverty in the community.  These children have working parent(s) or guardian(s) but there is not enough money for them to receive educational, medical, food, counseling, and other kinds of support.”

For $25/month you can sponsor a child through No Ordinary Love Ministries.  Yes, for the cost of your unused gym membership (guilty) you can provide food assistance, education assistance, medical assistance, psychological support and daily access to Emmanuel House for a deserving individual.  You can view children and/or women who currently are in need of a sponsor here.  You can read about their story, and ultimately make a huge difference in their lives.  Chase and I are most excited about this opportunity, and are confident that the program that Jimmy and Rachel have developed keeps vulnerable families together.  A few of our adoptive family friends have served at Emmanuel House, and highly recommend the work that they do.  We have chosen to sponsor little Tesfaye.  You can read more about his mother, and their story together here.  I love that his name means, “there is hope.”  

We encourage you to check out the other meaningful work that No Ordinary Love does in Ethiopia.  If you are feeling a tug at your heart, there are many other ways to support their work on their website.  Including one time donations, and even support through prayer.  Remember that your gifts are 100% tax deductible.  Please share about this amazing ministry!








One thought on “How We Can ALL Love And Care For Ethiopia

  1. tmgalletti says:

    Found you through IG and shared this amazing organazation on FB hoping to spred the word 🙂

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